James Skoufis and his family moved to the Town of Woodbury from Queens in 1995 for many of the same reasons we all choose to live in the area: a better quality of life, an education that strives for nothing short of excellence, and a strong, friendly, and caring community.


After graduating from Monroe-Woodbury High School, James went on to become the first in his immediate family to attend college. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree from The George Washington University and Master’s Degree from Columbia University. Along with the fortunate help of scholarships and student loans, he worked his way through studies, holding a job every semester while in college.


Having spent the first many years of his life in New York City Public Housing and being only one generation removed from food stamps, James knows what it means to struggle. He knows what it means to live paycheck to paycheck or worse.


During his six years in the State Assembly, James has fought for the Hudson Valley’s working- and middle-classes who are often overlooked by government. He’s been a champion of better schools, stronger infrastructure, and leveling the playing field. James was elected to the State Senate in 2018 where he has continued delivering results while serving with integrity.


James lives in Cornwall with his loving wife, Hillary, whom he married in 2017.